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Simulation showing a traveling wave in gyrate cortex and the corresponding visual field defect. © 2005 Jan Tusch and Markus Dahlem

Classifying and understanding the migraine headache and migraine aura not only helps the patients but might provide one avenue for discovering human brain functioning in cognitive and psychological processes.

Entry to art contest Migraine Images, 1992 © 2007 GlaxoSmithKline

The section Migraine Art (Podoll and Robinson, 2009) is a unique presentation of artistic works as a medium to express and communicate those experiences which occur as signs and symptoms of migraine, a condition that affects 5-10 % of the population.

Migraines are more common in females

We are a non-profit organization. One of our most important goals is to provide material that helps patients to recognize and understand their neurological symptoms during migraine. The information on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient and his/her physician. We do not provide or comment on help in migraine treatment, in particular medication or other forms of migraine pain relief.


Podoll K, Robinson D. Migraine Art - The Migraine Experience from Within. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California 2009.

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