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Author: Markus Dahlem, Klaus Podoll 18. July 2008
Edited by: Markus Dahlem, Klaus Podoll

New On Site

February 2009

Jaybird's spiritual interpretation of visual migraine auras as clairvoyance

October 2008

October 11, 2008: Amy Koba's migraine aura image (here)

October 16, 2008: Klaus Podoll delivers a lecture on "Migraine aura images in science and art" as an invited speaker at the Symposium "Iconologia: Images in Transdisciplinary Perspectives" at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, organized by Sebastian Schütze, Bader Chair in Southern Baroque Art (see here, here and here)

October 24, 2008: Airelle publishes YouTube video on reading with visual disturbances: "What I see when I attempt to read" (here and here)

September 2008

September 27, 2008: Porillion starts posting on her blog a three-part section on persistent aura and visual snow (here, here and here) complete with a FAQ section (here)

August 2008

August 1, 2008: Andrea's migraine images (here)

August 22, 2008: Epub ahead of print of article by Wang et al. (2008) on the visual aura rating scale as an outcome predictor for persistent visual aura without infarction

July 2008

July 1, 2008: Epub ahead of print of article by Bereczki et al. (2008) on cortical spreading edema in persistent visual migraine aura (here)

July 2, 2008 - ChelleWMCN describes and illustrates a sort of doodling by means of the trails generated by a moving cell phone light (here)

July 16, 2008: Markus Dahlem and Nouchine Hadjikhani post article on Migraine aura: retracting particle-like waves in weakly susceptible cortex at natureprecedings (here)

July 18, 2008: Masonic Boom provides new visual aura illustration (here)

July 25-27, 2008: Klaus Podoll delivers an invited lecture on "Visual snow or TV-like static: Images of persistent migraine aura" at the symposium "Embodied image cognition and creativity", organized in honor of the 70th birthday of art historian and image scientist Karl Clausberg, at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany (here)

June 2008

jruddy [subject #515], Visual snow in a lucid dream/nightmare, 2008. © 2008 jruddy

June 2, 2008: jruddy, who doesn't normally see visual snow in his dreams (here), reported a non-lucid dream becoming lucid, then incorporating his persistent aura phenomenon of visual snow, then becoming nightmarish, all three of which dream phenomena can be interpreted as sequelae from the arousal produced by the ongoing activity of migraine with aura, and culminating in awakening from sleep with a subsequent transitory increase of the intensity of persistent aura symptoms (here)

June 5, 2008: Sarah A and SopuliSusie discuss similarities between sensory processing disorder of persistent aura and autism spectrum disorder (here)

June 15, 2008: augenfilm reports her persistent aura symptoms being an impediment to art making (here)

June 20, 2008: Rachel McAlpine's migraine aura image (here)

May 2008

May 3, 2008: Triplet Wendi Mom reports verbal hallucinations (hearing an alien voice calling one's own name) as a symptom of persistent aura in her triplet L (here)

Takako Matsumoto's documentary "Near Equal Yayoi Kusama: I Adore Myself", 2008.

Yayoi Kusama - Kusama's Self Obliteration (1967) Part 1 (see here), Part 2 (see here) and Part 3 (see here)

May 3, 2008: Klaus Podoll delivers an invited lecture on Yayoi Kusama's persistent aura during a workshop on art and illness organised by Matthias Bormuth as part of the celebration of the Jasper year at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany - "This image of strange beauty presses on our organs of perception with strange persistence." (Sir Herbert Read, on the occasion of Yayoi Kusama's "New Art" show at Wesleyan University, Middleton, Connecticut, March 1-22, 1964)

May 6, 2008: Jodie77 reports SSRI discontinuation syndrome as trigger of persistent aura (here)

May 13, 2008: Start of DVD release of Harris Goldberg's film "Numb", based on the director's own experience with depersonalization and marking the very first mention of Depersonalization Disorder on the big screen (here)

May 19, 2007: Klaus Podoll delivers a lecture on musical palinacousis as a symptom of persistent aura as an invited speaker at The Mansell Bequest Symposium, The Neurology of Music, sponsored by the Medical Society of London (here)

From left to right: Jane10, Klaus Podoll and Sofia Greene in London (larger image see here)

May 21, 2008: Meeting of Sofia Greene, Jane10 and Klaus Podoll in London, discussing future perspectives of the Sofia Greene research project

May 22, 2008: Mel07green reports a dream where she visualized both herself and another young woman as having scotomas (with the other woman being much more affected than herself), which can be interpreted as an "adaptation" to the persistent loss of vision reminiscent of the projective types of anosognosia ("transitivism") reported in some amputees's nocturnal dreams where these may see themselves surrounded by amputees (here)

IanKC and Klaus Podoll (larger image see here)

May 24, 2008: IanKC, administrator of the Yuku forum Visual snow or static, and Klaus Podoll (and their partners) have a meeting in Aachen, Germany, discussing cooperations between the Yuku forum and Migraine Aura Foundation website

May 24, 2008: doctorhouse from the German forum Augenrauschen directs attention to Jonathan Dilas's (2004) esoteric interpretation of visual snow as "common light sparks" originating from "intelligent, microscopic forms of life" (here)

May 28, 2008: IanKC launches the MySpace group Visual Snow and Persistent Migraine Aura Support to attract more visitors to the Yuku forum Visual snow or static and the Migraine Aura Foundation website worldwide (here)

April 2008

April 2, 2008: 14-year-old Sorami reports ideogenic hallucinations whereby geometric patterns, objects or words can be seen in the visual snow at will (here), confirming a previous report of axelnight (here)

April 4, 2008: jruddy relates poem on fear of having ALS (here)

April, 5: tokooltone considers links between persistent vs and extrasensory perception (here)

April 7, 2008: jruddy provides another set of illustrations depicting the worsening of persistent aura symptom during exposure to loud acoustic stimuli (here)

April 9: Janey reports a transitory full resolution of her continuous persistent visual aura symptoms lasting 7 days during holiday, suggesting non-permanence of the organic substratum of persistent aura without infarction, i.e. a functional disturbance rather than a permanent brain damage (here)

April 11, 2008: jruddy writes and performs the song "Snowstorm in my Brain" (here)

Sarah A [subject #432], Patrick the Somnambulist, 2008 (see here) [more]

April 17, 2008: Sarah A publishes the book Patrick the Somnambulist, based - in part - on the weirdness of her persistent aura experiences (here)

April 24, 2008: CK participates in the Sofia Greene survey at day 8 of her persistent aura consisting in a hypersensitivity to light and an "odd feeling" in the extreme periphery of her right-sided visual field akin to the final stage of her recurring visual aura during her attacks of migraine with aura, suggesting the left cerebral hemisphere junction of the calcarine and parietooccipital fissures as the site of the disturbance responsible for CK's persistent aura (here)

April 29, 2008: Prof Dr Albert Hofmann, discoverer of LSD in 1938, died from heart attack at age 102 (here)

April 30, 2008: "This kinda makes me want to vomit... ...but this is kinda what an aura before a migraine looks like. kudos, i will never step foot inside this building, it makes me queasy." (Becky, i can hear you laughing through the wall - a blog of links between two roommates, April 20, 2008)

March 2008

March 6, 2008: PeteyImo reports very early childhood onset persistent aura featuring daily recurring contracting ring scotoma and persisting visual snow ("vs lifer"), joining the characteristics of the repetitive and the continuous variety of persistent aura (here)

March 11, 2008: jruddy, his sister and his nephew provide a full documentation of familial persistent aura with first-hand accounts from 3 subjects in 2 generations (here, here and here)

March 13, 2008: darkprince86 reports transitory full remission in continuous variety of persistent aura (here)

March 14, 2008: Specialist directs attention to Randall Munroe's xkcd comic illustrating the onset of pixelated vision immediately after awakening (here)

March 15, 2008: PJ provides example of persistent aura experiences as source of artistic inspiration (here)

March 18, 2008: Tobias provides animated illustrations depicting the worsening of persistent aura during an attack of migraine without headache (here), confirming SopuliSusie's earlier illustrations of the same effect (here)

March 18, 2008: SopuliSusie provides illustration representing the worsening of persistent paraesthesias with an attack of migraine without headache (here)

March 20, 2008 - augenfilm reports and illustrates somatosensory sensation of vibration of the head and the upper part of the body as persistent aura symptom (here)

March 21-24, 2008: the World Psychedelic Forum ("Consciousness Change - A Challenge of the 21st Century") in Basel, Switzerland, attracted over 2.000 visitors from 37 countries (here)

March 22, 2008: Young Male reports assault triggering episode of persistent aura and causing subsyndromal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (here)

March 30, 2008: "vs lifer" axelnight reports ideogenic hallucinations whereby patterns are seen or "drawn" in the visual snow at will (here)

February 2008

February 6, 2008: Sarah A writes poem on her vs experience (here)

February 6, 2008: diagram of vicious circle of stress, persistent aura, anxiety and depression (here)

February 6, 2008: KarmaSays reports Guillain-Barré syndrome as trigger of persistent aura (here)

February 9, 2008: SopuliSusie reports onset of an episode of persistent aura during a dream whilst talking a nap (here)

February 9, 2008: jruddy provides illustrations depicting the worsening of persistent vs during an attack of migraine aura without headache (here), confirming Sarah A's earlier illustrations of the same effect (here)

February 15, 2008: lillights writes poem on her vs experience (here)

February 16, 2008 - novaphasia from the LiveJournal for migraine sufferers reports personal experience of being helped effectively by 10 mg of Amlodapine per day as preventive of episodes of persistent aura: "I have basilar migraine with multiple, PERSISTENT auras (meaning I suffer blindness for months, as well as many other symptoms). So long as I take this med, I don't have them ever, at all. It has been 100% effective, with no breakthrough for 10 years... It is at UNC Hospitals and elsewhere here the first-line preventive for persistent aura and complicated migraine." (here)

February 21, 2008: jruddy provides couple of illustrations depicting the worsening of persistent aura symptom during exposure to loud acoustic stimuli (here)

February 24, 2008: GoodbyeHalcyondays reports Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as trigger of persistent aura (here)

February 29, 2008: tamster0125 confirms Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as trigger of persistent aura (here)

January 2008

January 1, 2008: Sofia Greene includes information on Migraine Aura Status project on her website (here)

January 1, 2008: aw24 reports links between persistent vs and persistent visual phenomena attributed to "aura reading", confirming earlier report (December 28, 2007) from Maja (here)

January 4, 2008: doplegager releases first image of his fantasy/horror webcomic "A Chance in Hell", the first comic based on persistent aura experiences (here)

January 14, 2008: SopuliSusie reports physical stress from serotonin syndrome as worsening factor of persistent vs (here)

January 14, 2008: ohCRICKETS posts first illustrations of DP/DR experience in persistent aura (here)

January 16, 2008: Dr Velitchko Manahilov from the Glasgow Caledonian University delivers a research seminar on "Investigating global visual perception" at the School of Psychology, University of Plymouth, UK (here) [PDF]

January 17, 2008: timmcc directs attention to an illustration from the Wikipedia article Optic neuritis that depicts monocular visual snow as a symptom of optic neuritis (here)

January 17, 2008: ChelleWMCN writes poem on her vs experience (here)

January 22, 2008: timmcc participates in Sofia Greene survey on persistent perception disorders, providing the first record of bilateral visual snow as symptom of bilateral optic neuritis caused by MS (here)

January 26, 2008: vs and the esoteric notion of seeing with third eye, mind's eye or inner eye (here)

January 27, 2008: Wendi Triplet Mom reports taste-number and taste-letter synaesthesia as a symptom of persistent aura in her 7-year-old triplet C (here)


Bereczki D, Kollár J, Kozák N, Viszokay K, Barta Z, Sikula J, Magyar MT. Cortical Spreading Edema in Persistent Visual Migraine Aura. Headache. 2008 Jul 1. [Epub ahead of print]
Dilas J. Telepathie, Hellhören und Channeling: Verstehen, Erlernen, Anwenden. Bohmeier, Lübeck 2004
Manahilov V. Investigating global visual perception. Research seminar at School of Psychology, University of Plymouth, UK, January 16, 2008 [PDF]

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